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Our Story


Hey Family, I'm so glad you found me!! Welcome and Thank You for visiting. ​Come and experience the Maete Kenea difference.

Having over 20 years of combined experience in the industry, I've decided to share myself in a more authentic way. This means exceptional services and professional results are my top priority.

I want to know all my client's beauty needs and make them available. You'll leave feeling refreshed and beautiful.

Book an appointment today and let me uplift your spirits. I look forward to meeting YOU.

Who am i?


I'm Maete Kenea and I, like you all, have many job titles. I am a extensions specialist, a certified master wig maker, I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist in California since 2000, but a hair stylist since 1997, the first time I got paid for doing hair I was seven, I’m a healthy hair lover, and, best of all, a mother of two boys and girl.

When I'm not behind this chair you'll find me at the beach or at a local farmers market looking for natural products and healing. I love to dance and express myself through movement. Learning new ways to bring positive energy everywhere I go is my number one goal!! Living a healthy mindful lifestyle is what I’m about. Hair, Beauty and Life is our Moto.

Being a stylist definitely is a part of my DNA because I'm truly the happiest when I'm sharing and servicing my guests. Each woman is different, and I pride myself on taking the time to connect with each and every person who sits in my chair. I want all my clients to feel seen and heard. I strive to teach all my clients that they are beautiful from the inside out and I will help them bring out all their beauty desires. All of my clients are given a free hair styling tips at their first appointment so that they always know how to recreate their look at home. I am a teaching hairstylist; I need clients to know the basics of their hair to maintain a healthy hair regimen.

So as you can see….I love life, health, wealth, all things that make us better. Tell me, some of your beauty desires? Are interested in wig units, but scared? Do want to add fullness to your hair that’s undetectable? Do you want to learn how to treat your natural hair for growth? Are you looking for an experienced knowledgeable hairstylist? Whatever your haircare and beauty needs are, I got you Homegirl!!!!





My experience with Maete was absolutely wonderful. I wanted a simple hair style for my upcoming birthday party, and I found out about her from one of my close friends. When I came to her, she was so kind and exceeded my expectations and made my hair look amazing. She used brazillian hair and made it with wavy curls, which made it look like my own hair. I got many compliments from everyone, everywhere I went. If you want someone who makes your weave look beautiful and natural, someone who is quick but still puts her best effort in your hair, and someone who is enjoyable to be around, then please go to Maeta. She is the best.




Over the past 6 years, Maete has done absolute WONDERS for my hair! I came to here after years of harsh relaxers, chemical treatments and extensive damage for some much needed emergency help. Her expert care and magic hands have given me a head full of healthy, strong and shiny hair. I'm proud to say that, with her, my hair is now the longest it's been in my entire life. I am so happy with the results and will continue to use her amazing services for years to come. Thank you, Maete!




Maete—an artist on a quest to perfect her craft and the fundamental essence of hair beauty. It’s always a refreshing experience sitting in her chair as she whips my hair into a luxury state. Her beauty and devotion to hair care speaks volumes!!!




Prior to my experience with Maete, I had heard so many wonderful things about her work. But now I cannot say enough wonderful things about Maete and her amazing talent! After leaving Maete's chair, my hair was looking fabulous. Firstly, I would have to say how peaceful and quiet the salon is, not your normal noisy hair salon! You get your hairdresser all to yourself. No sitting with wet hair while your hairdresser is finishing off another client! My experience with Maete was one of a kind. I called Maete a day before my engagement session (less than 24 hours before). I had been busy planning everything else but my look for my engagement. When I called her that night, I explained my situation, and she was very empathetic. She went above and beyond for me. Maete showed up at her salon at 6am that morning ready for me (she had less than 4 hours of sleep because she worked late the night before). She met me with a beautiful smile and big hug. She ensured that I felt comfortable and relaxed. She took out my hair, washed my weave, washed and treated my damaged hair and performed her wonders. By the time she was done, I looked brand new. My fiancé LOVED it too. I left Maete's shop feeling pampered and happy with my hair. I love that she only does your hair, and doesn't get up during treatment and go treat or shampoo someone else's hair. I value the experience of a one-on-one salon. Thank you Maete, I would definitely be back.




Hair done by Maete is fantastic. She’s done my press and curl, as well as my weave, astonishing! My color is astounding, the cut and style is exceptional. It's a complete hair-makeover. You feel and look like a totally different person, a Queen. You get compliments galore. She won't disappoint you. She's my girl-wonder. Maete is my pick and once you go to her, she'll be your pick too. Thank you Maete for my crown of glory, my hair.